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The Freese Method



Repair your broken & slow metabolism so that you can lose weight, achieve glowing health and put an end to dieting as a smart woman over 40.


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Do You Feel Like Your Metabolism Is Broken?

Especially since you hit 40?

What is a broken metabolism?

A broken metabolism is when you are gaining weight without explanation.

A broken metabolism is when your hormones are out of whack and you now have a belly you can't seem to get rid of.

A broken metabolism is when you eat 1400 calories of "healthy" food like chicken breasts, veggies, and protein shakes and never lose a pound.

A broken metabolism is when the weight won't budge even after you started exercising or added in another Zumba class.

A broken metabolism is when deep within your body, your cells can't metabolize or work properly and you start gaining weight and can't figure out how to stop it.

A broken metabolism is when your metabolic hormones are out of balance and working against your efforts to lose your excess body fat.


Hi, I'm Hannah Freese

Registered Dietitian & Online Weight Loss Coach

I help women over 40 who are exhausted from years of chronic dieting and weight fluctuations repair their slow and broken metabolism so that they can lose weight and put an end to dieting.

"I've lost over 30 lb on Hannah's plan, and the weight keeps coming off; it's effortless now! Before this, I followed every diet in the book, and my weight would yo-yo from year to year. Having a live coach made all the difference, and Hannah is so encouraging and motivating. Her plan is simple and easy to follow, and allows for yummy and filling food. It's not a diet so much as a lifestyle mindset shift. Thank you Hannah!"

Julie Andress
Attorney & Mom of 3

The Freese Method

Your metabolism is broken. Another diet or more exercise can't heal a broken metabolism. You need to treat root cause of your excess body fat using my proven 3-Steps to Lasting Weight Loss.

Key {1}: Metabolic Repair Plan

Repair and Restore Your Cellular Health & Hormonal Balance

First things first, we need to fix your slow and broken metabolism.  And we address and treat this on the cellular level. So we jump in immediately and start repairing past damage by combining the Metabolic Firing Foods and your personal Fast-To-Fix eating prescription. 

By eating the right foods at the right times, we can balance your hormones and repair your metabolism so that you can lose weight.

Key {2}: Leveraging Dopamine

Get Inner Strength Stronger than Willpower or Cravings

We’re going to naturally leverage the chemicals in your brain, such as dopamine, that drive unhealthy food cravings & emotional eating so that you can feel full and satisfied and deeply content without struggling with willpower or shame to force you to eat what you know you should eat. 

This is so important and nobody is talking about this.  This is way beyond intuitive or mindful eating.

Key {3}: The Invisible Factor

Receive Personal Coaching and Accountability

Repairing a slow and broken metabolism is an intricate process that requires a step by step protocol.  You need an experienced guide who has successfully lead other women before you and who you can trust.

The invisible factor is accountability and guidance from an experienced coach and supportive encouragement from a community of women on the exact same journey you are.

What Women Are Saying

Hundreds of thrilled clients agree: you will lose weight, it's easy to do, it will work for you!

Here are some recently updated reviews and results of real clients.

See Reviews and Results of Real Clients

How to Join the Freese Method and Fix Your Broken Metabolism

It's easy as 1-2-3 to get started today.

Schedule Your Free Metabolic Breakthrough Call

Jump on the phone with me for a full metabolic assessment to see if you are suffering from a broken metabolism.

Join the 12-Week Online Program

Follow the simple step by step instructions to repair your metabolism.

Lose Weight & Achieve Glowing Health

Never diet again for as long as you protect and defend your new healthy metabolism.

Start Here: Book Your Free Metabolic Breakthrough Call

Find a date and time that works for you. On the call we'll discuss the current state of your metabolism and see if the Freese Method is the solution you need to fix it so that you can lose weight and put an end to dieting. If not, I'll will refer you to something or someone that would help your unique situation.

"I have struggled with weight for most of my life. I have used food to celebrate and to take the edge off every uncomfortable emotion. Eventually, however, I could no longer tolerate the barrier of obesity between me and the vibrant life I wanted to live. This eating strategy has been a very gentle process for me. It produces a “peaceful, easy feeling” in me that I cherish. Hannah’s instruction, coaching and encouragement made the process practical, doable, flexible and liberating. Honestly, it’s the easiest thing I’ve ever done to lose weight, and as a result, it has been easy to incorporate into my new lifestyle. I haven’t been this relaxed or peaceful in decades. I feel strong and clear-headed. I've lost over 60 lbs and I feel amazing. "

Melanie C.

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