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The Freese Method

Metabolic Repair Plan for Lasting Weight Loss

12-Week Online Group Coaching Program Exclusively for Women Over 40.



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Metabolic Damage Makes Losing Weight

And Keeping It Off Seem Impossible.


Especially for women over 40.

From years of diets, over-exercising, low-fat living, increasing stress, hormonal changes, even your genes and medications, our metabolisms have taken a huge hit over the last few decades.

And now, just when you need your health the most, your body is stubbornly holding on to more weight than ever, no matter what you try.



Diets Aren't Working.

Counting calories, tracking macros, eating more veggies, drinking gallons or water, buying pricey supplements doesn't heal a damaged metabolism.

Exercise Isn't Helping.

Walking for miles, online workouts in the basement, crazy HIIT classes, weight training at the gym: you're building muscle... but not burning fat.

The Weight Isn't Moving.

You're terrified to step on the scale, because if that number keeps going up, you'll be crushed. And worse, you're running out of clothes to cover up everything.

Healthy Metabolisms Burn Excess Body Fat for Lasting Energy & Glowing Health.

Everything falls into place once you've repaired your metabolism. 

  • Relationship to food is restored
  • Hormones are balanced
  • Appetite is centered
  • Cravings disappear
  • Health is renewed
  • Clothes fit better
  • Weight is maintained

Top 5 Tips to Turn Back the Clock

On Your Metabolism

It's never too late to reverse and heal your metabolism. Start the metabolic repair process in just two weeks with my free eating guide.

Hi, I'm Hannah Freese

Registered Dietitian & Certified Specialist in Obesity and Weight Management

I've worked with hundreds of women over 40 struggling with their weight who feel confused and anxious about what they should be eating to control their weight.

After working in the traditional weight loss clinic scene using the calories in versus calorie out model (eat less and move more theory) and getting terrible results, I realized that the key to weight control for women over 40 was different.

I developed the Freese Method Metabolic Repair Plan 12-Week Online Group Coaching Program to finally solve the real problem that no one was addressing correctly: eating correctly to repair our broken metabolisms.

 It’s nice to meet you!

You want to be healthy. 

You want to be a confident eater, wearing clothes you love, with plenty of energy for your full life.

In order to be that way, you need a healthy metabolism.  And to get a healthy metabolism, you need to understand how to eat smarter as a woman over 40.  

The problem is, after so many failed attempts, you have no idea what to do next or how to resuscitate your metabolism.  Which makes you feel defeated and anxious about your future.

I believe every woman deserves a healthy metabolism and glowing health.

I understand that you want control your weight and be healthy without counting calories, restrictive eating rules, and giving up chocolate forever.

That's why I created The Freese Method weight loss program.  After years of trial and error with real women over 40, I developed an easy online program that teaches you how to eat well and repair your metabolism in just 12 weeks.

Here's how it works.

The Freese Method Metabolic Repair Plan is a 12-Week Online Group Coaching Weight Loss Program where I walk with you through the 5 Steps of Metabolic Repair:

Step 1: Detoxify Your Metabolism

Step 2: Heal Your Metabolism

Step 3: Restore Hormonal Balance

Step 4: Reset Your Appetite control Center

Step 5: Protect & Defend Your Healthy Metabolism

It's time to stop duct-taping trendy diets together, buying useless protein powders, and feeling hopeless about your weight and start thinking bigger and better for your long term health.

Learning what to eat and when to eat it is a total game changer for your metabolism, your weight, your health, and your quality of life!



Here Is How It Works 

1. Schedule Your Consultation Call

To join the program, you must first schedule your free Metabolic Assessment Call to see if you are in fact suffering from a damaged metabolism and if the Freese Method is the solution you've been looking for.

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2. Repair Your Metabolism

Join the 12-Week Online program and start repairing your metabolism immediately. I'll guide you through the five steps of the Metabolic Repair Protocol. Learn to eat smarter so that your metabolism can burn fat. 

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3. Get To Your Goal Weight & Stay There

No more fad diets. You will learn a long term, sustainable, fabulously simple eating pattern that you will continue for life. Cook for others, enjoy eating out, and celebrate life's great moments without re-damaging your metabolism.

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The 3 Secrets to Lasting Weight Loss As A Smart Woman Over 40

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