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The #1 Secret to Burning Fat While You Sleep!

fat-burn Oct 28, 2020

Wouldn't it be nice if burning fat was super easy?

If we could just burn it effortlessly like say, while we sleep?


We can.

And we do.

In fact, we can burn quite a bit of fat while we sleep... as long as we understand the power of when we eat and how our body burns fat.

Ready to get started, because this is going to blow.your.mind.

I’m going to break this down into three main points. Point number one is the backstory or how your body works.

Point number two is why this matters for fat burning.

Then point number three is the actual secret because of how point number one and point number two come together.

I want to show you that your body is amazingly capable of burning fat and doing what you want it to do if you feed it right and if you understand your body as a woman over 40.

No supplements, no gimmicks, no protein powders. Just real science from a real dietitian so you can take real control over your weight.

Let’s move into Point 1: The Backstory.

Your body...

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Move Over Green Smoothies! Enjoy this Ultimate Green Drink Instead!

fat-burn nutrition Apr 27, 2020

In my 12-week program, The Freese Method Online Group Coaching Weight Loss Program, the first meal plan I have created for you contains some serious Registered Dietitian ninja nutrition moves.

Your breakfast is specifically designed to put you in the fat burning "green zone" while cleansing your digestive tract of unwanted toxins. But to you, it's just creamy and delicious.

Your lunch provides not only the perfect ratio of fiber+protein+healthy fats for perfect metabolic health, but it also provides a super powerful lignan antioxidant to protect your liver from free-radical damage. This is important because your liver is the "quarterback of your metabolism" and is crucial to burning the fat being released from your fat stores. 

But to you, it's a gorgeous and satisfying chopped salad in a jar with an amazing dressing flavor profile you've never tasted before.

Your afternoon snack, which is offered only in the first couple of weeks while you transition from...

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