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What Causes a Broken Metabolism?

In the last post, we discussed the symptoms that my client Cindy had that pointed her to realize that she was suffering from a broken metabolism.

But how did Cindy's metabolism break in the first place?

What causes metabolic damage?

In the simplest explanation a broken metabolism is a break down at the cellular level in your ability to use carbohydrate (glucose), protein (to a tiny extent), and fat (fatty acids) for energy to produce ATP, most likely due to insulin resistance.

This can mean your cells don't burn food energy well, your cells don't store it well, or your cells can't get the energy out of storage well.

For example, if you eat a muffin and you have a damaged metabolism due to insulin resistance, your body will release a surge of insulin, more than what is normally needed, to drive the sugar from the muffin into your cells to burn for energy.  

With metabolic damage from insulin resistance, your cells are already full of sugar. Like an overstuffed suitcase,...

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Is Your Metabolism Broken?

Cindy was convinced there was something wrong with her.

In her career as an Administrative Manager at a law firm, she excelled. She had successfully raised three beautiful kids into tax-paying adults and enjoyed spending her weekends with her fit and trim husband. 

But as she got dressed each day, she was plagued with the nagging shame that something was wrong with her.

Cindy had steadily gained over 30 lbs in the last ten years, especially after menopause, and she couldn't figure out how to get it off.

When she was younger she could lose some weight by watching her portions and showing up to an extra exercise class or two a week.  

But that wasn't working now.

And there were signs that things were getting worse.

She went to have her thyroid checked and she learned that her fasting blood sugar was high and her good cholesterol was low... but her thyroid was normal.

She needed more sleep than she used to and woke up groggy every day. Her coffee intake was steadily...

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