What Women are Saying About the Freese Method

Hundreds of thrilled clients agree: you will lose weight, it's easy to do, it will work for you!

Here are some recently updated reviews and results.


The biggest struggle that was holding me back from losing weight was understanding what to do and when to do it. I was on overload reading different weight loss plans, tips and suggestions, and exercise routines. It was all so overwhelming. 

The Freese Method components helped me overcome that block by fitting all the pieces of the puzzle together. I followed the plan to the best of my ability every day. The coaching calls were invaluable and I often went back and listened to them again.
I trusted Hannah even though there were some things that were just too hard to believe. I listened to her and the things I learned brought results!
I am pleasantly surprised at my results. Not only did I lose weight, which is obvious to me on the outside, in the way my clothes fit, but there are wonderful changes going on internally as well.
When I received blood work back from a recent physical, I learned that almost all of my levels had dropped, all improved for the better. My Triglycerides level dropped 137 points from a level considered "High" to a "Normal" level.
That is HUGE to me!
I had not been doing anything actively to improve my health before I began the 12 weeks on the Freese Method. I am proud of those results and thankful for Hannah. I'm not finished and I'm motivated to continue on. I know if I have a bad day, I'll get right back on track because I understand how this all works.
The pieces finally fit!


I was a yo-yo dieter and my high Yo was my new norm. How I envisioned myself was not what I saw in photos.

The most valuable thing I learned in the program was the right diet, don’t eat or drink my emotions and I have so much time in my day to do the things I love!

I lost 15 lbs and 3 inches from my belly! I also have more energy, I feel better in my clothes and I have my priorities in the right order again.

I’m far more productive and enjoying intimacy with my husband, too!

The direction and support provided by Hannah was genuine. We are not alone and have support from other group members. I loved the meal plans.


August 2020

After a friend of mine had recently completed the Hannah Freese Method 12-week program, I was intrigued with what Hannah had to offer.

Weight loss has been an ongoing struggle for me. I have tried all the things including WW, keto, intermittent fasting, paleo, Whole 30, South Beach Diet, carb cycling, and on and on and on. Although I have experienced some success with various programs, my weight has continued to slowly climb throughout the years despite incredibly tight self control.

I am not a cheater. I work out. As I said before I do all the things. Hannah's program incorporated much of the information I have come to know over the years, but she has done a great job of creating a process for success.

The most helpful components in my mind are the combination of the meal plans with the weekly video lessons. Her perspective on the red and green zones as they pertain to our insulin is fantastic. In 12 weeks I have become completely fat adapted and can easily stay within my eating window without feeling hungry.

I have lost 7.5 pounds since starting the program and intend on continuing as an alumni. The majority of that weight loss occurred over the first 9 weeks. After a recent coaching call, I have tightened my eating window and hope to continue to lose more weight.

Although I started this program with the primary intention of losing weight, I have experienced the added benefit of feeling great.

To the person out there saying to themselves "I will never lose weight. I have tried everything and my body has failed me. No one struggles like I do," I am here to tell you that you are not alone. I have thought all those things and am so glad I no longer believe those terrible lies.

After 12 weeks I can tell you I am very glad I committed to this program. 


" Working with Hannah was a total game changer for me. Before beginning her program, I was stuck in a victim mentality with my health.  I used food and candy to cope with stress and anxiety and had a general goal to exercise enough that I could eat whatever I wanted, but that was catching up with me.  My emotions were a roller coaster and my hormones felt out of control. I knew what I was doing wasn't working as I steadily gained weight month after month.  I was at the point of needing to buy larger clothes and had finally had enough.  I knew I needed to "eat clean" and avoid processed food.  I had even given up refined sugar and candy for a month before contacting Hannah.  I knew I was on the right track, but what I didn't understand was how my body used the fuel I was putting in it and why I needed to change when I was eating.  The Freese Method was so educational for me and the group mentality was more encouraging than I could have imagined.  After 12 weeks, I still need to buy new clothes but smaller than what is in my closet.  :). I feel so different.  My energy level is consistent, my hormones and emotions are balanced, and my anxiety levels are significantly lower.  I learned an incredible amount in this program, and I am so thankful to Hannah for her guidance and wisdom.  She gave me all the tools I needed to be successful and encouraged me every step of the way."


A work in progress! I’m feeling so much better about myself.

Got a great dopamine dose this weekend! Was invited to float the river in a kayak. I don't swim and am generally not comfortable in the water but put on my big girl panties and said yes! It was wonderful and definitely gave my mood a much needed boost! Thanks, Hannah Freese for giving us the info about dopamine!

Marcia & Roger

"Hi Hannah,

Just a note to let you know how well your program has been (is) working for me and my husband, Rog. As I told you, we had had success with Weight Watchers in the past, so are pretty judicious eaters. When you explained the “ no processed, no sugar, no snacks” system, it sounded logical to me. Your recipes are tasty and easy to fix-since April, Rog has lost 14 lbs. and I’ve done 10. Now it has become second nature to say “ am I hungry?” So easy - wish I’d measured my waist before we started-all my pants are too big!!

Thank you for this new way of 'looking at food.'

Thank you!"


"I was eating all the sugar. I have a big sweet tooth and with extra stress at work, it led to gaining about ten pounds in one and a half years.   I learned how to eat other things that will make me feel full, especially at breakfast. I used to eat in small snack intervals throughout the day and being able to eat only at meals has been a good accomplishment. Now, I've lost 15 lbs, have less sugar cravings and am more aware of just how much emotional eating I do (and what to do instead;)"

Delma, Type 1 Diabetic

My biggest struggle to losing weight before Hannah was being type 1 diabetic for 45+ years with multiple health issues( pacemaker, chronic pain, hypothyroidism, CKD, high blood pressure, asthma/COPD, etc).
I could not exercise. The mote I tried to limit my food intake, the low my blood sugars would become.
Hypoglycemia requires sugar for treatment.
Hannah helped me overcome these barriers by teaching me a new way to eat. She taught me about narrowing my eating window to burn more fat.
I had always been taught to eat a morning, afternoon and bedtime snack( more food- more insulin). Now I don’t eat after 7 pm and don’t eat until at least 10:30 am.
I now love green tea and black coffee! In addition she taught me the foods to eat that were healthy fats and lower carbs- ( less carbs= less insulin= less weight)
My results are wonderful. I went from 159 to 135 pounds. My blood work showed my triglycerides and my cholesterol came down plus my kidney function improved in the end of the challenge.
I am much happier and have learned ways to please myself without eating!


"I have always been the chubby girl, working to keep my weight down with diets and workouts that were stressful and tedious. When I turned 45 I really started to gain weight and nothing I tried was helping. It was like I had no control over my body, and I knew I needed something different! Hannah Freese and the Freese Method was just what I needed. Hannah’s excitement and positive attitude are wonderful as she guides you through a better nutrition plan. The Freese Method is easy to follow, full of eye opening information and mouth watering recipes!! The Freese Method is empowering!!"


I did not know where to begin.  I tried everything—prescription diet pills, calorie-restricted diets, Protein Shakes, tracking calories, expensive/boutique exercise programs, NOOM/Faster Way to Fat Loss/WW.  I could not get rid of the extra pounds especially around my middle and my arms.  I knew that I wanted something more and that as the years go by it is not going to get easier. 

Enter Hannah Freese! 

Her information, her kind and gentle way and her crazy smarts convinced me to try something new. 

The modules were easy to follow and gave me a whole new way to think about food.  That coupled with all the delicious food she gives to you through her meal plans made all the difference. 

I did not have to guess about meals or track calories.  The food is satisfying and so yummy.  My husband told me that it is his favorite way that I have ever cooked.🙌🏻 I also have been making meals for my mother-in-law who has multiple myeloma and type 2 diabetes. 

I feel like I am truly caring for her when I cook Hannah’s recipes for her. 

I also appreciate that she is not selling me pills or shakes.  She is teaching me to do better for my family and I. 

I feel like the past 12 weeks is just the beginning.  I have made a lifestyle change that I believe is totally something that I will continue to do. 

I am so grateful to have found Hannah.  I have only wonderful things to say about her and her method. 

I will absolutely continue the accountability in Alumni.


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